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Longing for the Wind by Xeikkeiu

Quite nice! I really enjoy the greyscale and subtle colours you used. The simple, soft, kind of blurry painting style certainly adds to the feel of it, and your expression is nice.
So, now for the issues. I'll go from least to most subjective. The most obvious is the anatomy. the body is proportionally too small compared to he head, and the arms are way too short. The breasts are also pushed too far forward.
It's a bit unclear what she is wearing, if anything. The lack of folds and hard shadow under the breast suggests that there is no clothing, yet the flatness between the breasts and form at the bas of the neck suggests a tight sweater or shirt. Part of the issue also comes from the shading/pattern of the shirt. The transition from white to black is too hard to be a shadow, yet too soft to be an edge of a fabric stripe. It looks more like a transition to a counter-shaded belly, which is common on anthros. Shirts are more likely to have panels of different colours sewn or woven into them, so where two colours meet will generally be sharper.
At least to my eyes, her hair looks a bit stiff instead of being blown in a soft breeze. I think it's because of the straightness and uniformity of the locks mixed with the bangs looking static. Maybe using some more curves and more random heights and shapes would look more natural? Look at references of hair blowing in the wind to get a better idea.
In my opinion, the face and the sweater/body look like they were painted in slightly different styles. While fabric has a different texture than skin, that doesn't look like a fabric texture. Maybe making the brush on the sweater/body smaller and using shorter strokes all in the same direction might have given more of a subtle texture.
Finally, this is something that is more subjective, but I feel like the composition could be stronger by either placing her on the same sized canvas more to the left, which would divide the canvas diagonally into positive and negative space, or adding space to the left side of the canvas, which might make her gaze appear longer.
All aside, well done, and lovely work!
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Xeikkeiu Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
First off, thanks so much for critiqueing my picture ^^ It helps a lot.

She's supposed to have no clothing, so the thing with "a transition to a counter-shaded belly" is correct :nod: And the thing around her neck is a necklace/collar.
How could I illustrate that better? Since it confused you XD

You have a good eye for anatomy I can tell! I'm still struggling with getting proportions right, in a lot of my pictures, and this one is no exception ^^; I should have worked on the sketch more, and got the basics right before painting it all.

Hmm yes, the hair is definately too stiff. I noticed it while painting, but didn't know how to change it without having erase all the work I had done on it already :/

I think, if I had added more space in front of her, there would have been too much empty space. It's a lot of empty space now too XD But it still fills a role.. it's supposed to be a bit desolate, but have soft shifts in tone.
bkatt500 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome!
For the body/clothing issue, part of the reason I assumed tight clothing was that it was painted with a different texture than the face. The face seemed to look a bit smoother and the shading a little softer compared to the body, where the strokes were a little more streaky and visible.
To make the necklace/collar look more like a collar would be to first use a different white (like with a slight yellow or green tint instead of the blue) for it and then to make it an obvious different texture, like something shiny such as metal or patent leather.
Another thing that makes it look a little like she's wearing a shirt, which I already mentioned briefly would be that it is flat across the top of the breasts, which is commonly caused by snug clothing. Without clothing there is a seperation between them and the should have individual mass and shape.
Xeikkeiu Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Aah I see. Yeah, I made the body in the same style as the face at first, but thought it looked too smooth and boring haha ^^; I should have painted the face in the same style, but didn't manage to make it look good.

I'm not really sure what material the collar has, but I'll have to figure it our for future paintings :) And separate the boobs XD haha.
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