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Carousel WIP by bkatt500 Carousel WIP by bkatt500
So this is just a WIP of a picture I'm colouring.
I really want feedback and advice on the shading of the carousel beast. I want the 'feathers' and mane to look sort of pearlescent and glossy, with the body being dark blue and pale purple, and the accents being black and blue. It would have three light-sources, the outdoor light coming from the direction of the veiwer, and one lightbulb in front and one behind it. Like I said, any advice on how to pull this off would be very appreciated.
To :iconimprovement-club:: ^See above^

Edit: Added more highlights.
Gamal-the-rookie Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hello, I am from :iconanthro-feedback: ! I am here to give you some thoughts and critique :)

First of all, I will not go into great detail for the shading, because as you say, it is a work in progress.

The first thing I saw, that really stood out, is the girls hand. Her right (to our left). I don't get the feel that is even a hand, it looks like a third foot :noes:
Adding a slightly different pose for the arm, or at least hand, would solve that easily :XD:

I can't really find anything else major. It all looks good, I love, love, the bird and your anthro girl :3
Much expression! Much movement, (as in, I think it looks like a carousel :D )
It is simply gorgeous! And with so much detail!

As for doing the actual, three light painting and such - I reccomend, lots of layers. Try using blend modes on them for lighting, use multiply and screen for getting to know where the light is placed. Then paint. :3
Just keep adding, and add some more in the end when you paint, and you'll be right as rain! :D

Thanks for submitting, I wish you a happy week and great art to come! :meow:

bkatt500 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the feedback and the advice on the shading! Yeah, the hand looks a little weird. I was attempting a little more of a hand-paw hybrid instead of a full human hand. Clearly, the end result reads more as 'foot' than 'paw', so I'll have to tweak that a little.
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